The standard version of the bed is a queen size with built-in drawers to store bedding and two night stand tablets on each side of the head of the bed. These retractable tablets are cantilevered from the box of the bed and feature a glass inset to accommodate a glass of water or drink.

The box features an ample floor recess of 4 inches which is softly illuminated by a string of LED lights. The purpose of this reveal is to avoid toes from hitting the box and to prevent the collection of dust and dirt underneath the bed a common condition with conventional bed frames.

The standard version of the bed is made of teak veneer with a medium polyurethane coating although other woods and finishes can be provided by request.

Other options for the bed include a headboard, a platform without drawers and a king size version made of two units that attach to each other in the center. This feature will reduce the overall size and weight of the king bed for easier shipping and moving.
Queen Information (PDF)
King Information (PDF)