Boot Box
This storage container, affectionately known as the “Boot Box”, was designed for the Farnsworth House to store shoes and boots out of sight. Its height is designed to serve as a seat to put on or take off shoes and boots, which is quite often necessary as the house sits in the open landscape and appropriate footwear is required to take a walk.

The Boot Box is included in this collection as it might be a welcome addition to a house in the country which does not have a mud room or it can also serve as a storage chest for additional pillows and blankets at the foot end of a bed.

The unit comes in two sizes, either as a “Queen” or as a “King”, to correspond to beds of either dimension. Boot Liners located at the bottom of the inside of the Boot Box collects dirt and water from shoes. This liner is only necessary if the box is used for the storage of shoes and boots.
Additional Information (PDF)