The Farnsworth House Collection

In 1972, Dirk Lohan designed a number of furniture items for the famous Mies van der Rohe designed Farnsworth House. These pieces were created for the second owner Peter Palumbo after he had purchased the house from Dr. Edith Farnsworth. She had never furnished the house properly because her relationship with Mies deteriorated to the point of a well documented court case between the two. When asked by Peter Palumbo to equip the house with appropriate Mies furniture, Dirk Lohan realized that there was no available desk, dining table and bed on the market that would be in line with keeping the aesthetic of the house. He therefore designed these pieces, especially to be in harmony with Mies’ existing furniture designs and to continue the use of warm teak wood which already existed in the freestanding wardrobe cabinet. Furthermore, from a functional aspect in the glass house, these pieces address, albeit in a limited way, the lack of storage space at the Farnsworth House for books, bedding and shoes.

The desk with a shallow pencil and paper drawer features two book shelves and the unique bed includes storage drawers in the mattress platform to hide blankets and/or pillows. Additionally, sliding night tables on either side of the bed make it possible to place a drink or other objects near the head of the bed without the addition of more cluttering furniture items on the sweeping travertine floors.

A third item in the so called “boot box” that stores shoes and boots of which there will be many in any minimalist house in the country where there are walks and hikes in nature.

The limited edition of the Farnsworth House Collection is meant for the discerning buyer who appreciates modern and particularly Mies van der Rohe furniture and wishes to live in an environment that is defined by the quality of the space and its refined contents. As Mies was fond of saying: “Less is more.”